Worlds Biggest lotteries

Time till next Draw: 20 days 19:38:54
Winning Numbers May 12 2012
3, 15, 29, 35, 54
Estimated Jackpot
US$ 25,000,000
Time till next Draw: 19 days 19:38:54
Winning Numbers May 13 2012
10, 24, 35, 53, 58
Estimated Jackpot
US$ 90,000,000
Time till next Draw: 29 days 21:38:54
Winning Numbers Mar 4 2014
3, 5, 22, 27, 44
Estimated Jackpot
€ 100,000,000
Time till next Draw: 22:38:54
Winning Numbers Mar 4 2014
40, 46, 51, 61, 65, 76
Estimated Jackpot
€ 5,200,000

Online International Lotto Tickets

Psst…want to buy lottery tickets for games that aren’t local to your state or country? Remember how it used to be, when you would ask your cousin Selma who lived in one of the few states to offer Mega Millions to buy you a few tickets and you’d send her a check? Never mind the billions of people all over the world who would love to have the chance to purchase a lottery ticket for Mega Millions or Powerball. And how about the Americans who can only dream of buying a ticket to the $3 billion lottery, the El Gordo Christmas Lottery offered in Spain. Should that be open only to the wealthy who can afford to fly over and buy themselves a ticket?

We Want You to Dream Big

We say it’s not fair and so we decided to do something about it. That’s why we created We arrange for you to be able to buy lottery tickets online for dozens of different lottery games from companies that specialize in the business. Why do we do it you ask? The answer is simple – we believe that everyone should have the chance to see their dreams come true and as such, we want to ensure that you, no matter where you are or who you are can buy a lottery ticket and dream big. 

There are any number of reliable websites where you can buy your lottery tickets online for a small fee above and beyond the cost of the basic ticket and all you generally need is a credit card and a dream you want to fulfill. Generally, each of these websites will have their own specific terms and conditions and you’ll need to read them carefully before purchase. However, as a rule of thumb, the basic rule is that if you buy a ticket through them and you win the jackpot, you can have all of your dreams come true.

Automatic Redemption

Another thing that most of these sites offer is something called automatic redemption. While a handful of lottery games from all over the world will allow you to collect the jackpot anonymously at the 

, most will allow you to collect smaller sums anonymously playing at the online casinos. This means that if you do win a prize with one of the lottery tickets you purchase, you can arrange to have the tickets automatically redeemed for you and your money deposited directly into your account. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy lottery tickets online today!