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Mon, 17 Jun 2013 08:16:45 +0000

Slots Playing For Cash

Playing the lottery has turned into a genuine frenzy over the years. No matter what continent you might be on, no matter what country you might be residing in, there is definitely a lottery game featuring a huge prize you would love to get your hands on. If you’re from US, New Jersey and you are interested in the Six Pick game, expect for a huge prize worth $7,400,000 to be coming your way. If you are from Australia and you are crazy about the Powerball Lotto game, you could win your share of the breathtaking AU$10,000,000 prize. UK residents can make the most of the UK National Lottery game and guess all six numbers out of a pool of 49 numbers and win at least £4,500,000, which is the amount of the basic jackpot here. The record jackpot that the UK National Lotto prize ever made out was worth £42,000,000.



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