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Welcome to our online lottery results page. Here at, we want to make sure that you have the most up to date information available about the results of lottery games from all over the world. After all, we wouldn’t be doing our job as your online home for everything to do with lottery games if we didn’t provide you with all the results from the various games happening all over the world. That’s why we insist on providing the most up to date information that is available. If lottery is your game then you should play the Irish lottery at William Hill. Join Now!

How Lottery Results are Obtained

We always consult official sources whenever possible in order to find out what the numbers were in various lottery games that we report on. However, this is not always possible, especially when the lottery results pages are in a language we don’t have expertise in. When this is the case, we rely on trusted third parties to provide us with the information so that you can find the results of multiple lottery games in a single location, right here on

How Results are Calculated

Different lottery games around the world have different ways of calculating their lottery results. In most cases, a specialized machine is used to calculate the lottery results. These machines are designed with ping pong size balls with the numbers printed on them. The machine randomly shoots the numbers out through a chute where they are displayed for all to see. In many cases, these lottery results are publicly televised in the local markets where the tickets are primarily sold.

However, other lottery games have different ways of calculating results. For example, the Spanish Christmas Lottery (commonly referred to as El Gordo because that is the name of the jackpot in the game) works on the basis of a lottery machine which shoots out whole numbers. The reason for this is that the Christmas Lottery is actually a kind of raffle or sweepstakes style game as opposed to a more traditional lottery game.

Still other lottery games use a computerized random number generator. These machines are preprogrammed to select a random set of numbers each time and are regularly inspected by third party certifiers to ensure that they are providing fair and relevant lottery results.

We Don’t Set the Results

In all cases however, Online-Lottery.Com has nothing to do with picking the winning numbers in any lottery games that we report on. Instead, we simply pass along the best information we are able to find for your benefit. In the event that a mistake is made in displaying the winning results for any particular lottery game, we will fix the mistake on our display page as soon as we are made aware of the mistake. However, under no circumstances may be held responsible for mistakes in numbers or allegations of fraud relating to choice of specific numbers in any game we report on.

If You Suspect Fraud in a Lottery Game’s Results

In the event that you suspect fraud or a problem with the results, we suggest that you contact the relevant authorities for the specific lottery game in question as we have absolutely no control over them nor do we have any kind of special relationship with them.


All information on is provided as is with no warranty expressed or implied as to its accuracy. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of the information we provide, however it is ultimately up to the consumer to verify the information if he or she believes that they have a winning ticket.