You've got questions, we've got answers -- to your question about our online lottery service that is. If you were trying to figure out the meaning of life, then we're afraid you're on your own there, though we've heard some priests, ministers, rabbis, imams and gurus may have a few answers on that subject. Anyway, here are a few common questions some people have about our online lottery services.

What is OnlineLottery.com?

Put simply, it's a website which is devoted to allowing you to win fabulous prizes from online lotteries. Our unique system is intended to help you to win lots of money effortlessly simply by picking the right numbers in our lotteries. And when you win, you get to keep all the money -- it's that simple.

What Are The Odds of Winning?

Unfortunately, we can't really answer this question -- each one of our online lotteries is a little different and the odds of winning may depend on how many people have bought into the lottery and how that particular game happens to work. We can tell you however that the odds of winning in our online lottery system are generally much better than those of winning in a traditional lottery.

What Kinds of Lotteries Do You Offer?

We have all kinds of games, though some of our most popular options include the raffle style online lottery, which works like a raffle (i.e you pick out a number which gives you a chance to win) and traditional style lotteries, where you pick random numbers which may be drawn from a large globe just like the traditional lottery.

What Currency Do You Pay Out In?

While our lotteries are open to anyone with an Internet connection and a credit card, we pay all winnings in United States Dollars in order to keep things simple.

Who Picks the Winning Numbers?

All of our online lotteries are drawn randomly by computer. We have absolutely no control over the winning numbers nor would we want to have control over them -- after all, our business depends on you trusting us and we wouldn't want to take a chance on jeopardizing that trust by even thinking about tampering with our drawings.

How Often Do You Have a Jackpot?

The great thing about our online lottery system is that we make winners every single day because we always have lottery games which are closing soon. This means that effectively, your chances of winning in our online lottery system are much greater than those of winning something like PowerBall or MegaBall since you can bet on our lotteries every single day.

I Have Additional Questions Not Answered Here

 Just use the contact form to talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives, who will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about online lotteries and our online lottery site.