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Germany isn’t just famous for BMWs and Bratwurst – it’s also famous for having the nearly 40 year old Germany Lotto game. The game was created by the Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock company, which is responsible for all German Lotto games throughout the country, including Keno, Oddset, Toto and GlucksSpirale, along with the aforementioned Germany Lotto game. Germany Lotto was created in 1974 and since that time has paid out the equivalent of hundreds of millions of Euros to Germans and people from all over the world, twice a week, when the game is played on Wednesday and Saturday.

Game Type

Like many modern lottery games, the Germany Lotto game has adopted the double matrix style of game play. This means that rather than picking just six numbers from a pool of possible choices, you pick six numbers from a pool of 49 possible choices and then you pick an additional number from a pool of 10 possible choices. While this feature does make the odds a little longer, it also has the effect of creating additional chances to win, meaning that whereas a traditional lottery might have 4 chances to win something, the Germany Lotto game has 7 chances to win.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot in the Germany Lotto game is also a progressive one, meaning that the amount you win when you hit the jackpot will depend on how long it’s been since someone hit it before you. However, the numbers are always quite good, so you’ll always walk away set for life when you play the Germany Lotto game.

How to Play

While the game was originally open only to German citizens, it has since been opened to anyone who cares to buy a ticket. Tickets for the Germany Lotto game are sold in person only inside of Germany. However, even if you don’t happen to be visiting Berlin or Bonn, you can buy your tickets for the game from a number of online lottery retailers who specialize in selling tickets for lottery games from all over the world.

Odds of Winning

The odds of winning the jackpot in the Germany Lotto game are 1 in 139,838,160. However, matching just six basic numbers wins second prize, which has odds of winning of 1 in 13,983,816. Third prize winners are created approximately once for every 2,330,636 players and fourth prize odds are 1 in 54,201. Fifth place gets all the way down to 1 in 22,196 and sixth place odds for the Germany Lotto game are 1 in 1,032. There are also seventh and eighth place prizes, which have odds of winning of 1 in 812 and 1 in 57 respectively.

Game information
Game type 6/49 + PB 1/10
Schedule Wen 6:50 pm, Sat 9:45 pm
Jackpot type Cash
Cash option lump sum
Taxes no taxes
Participating Germany
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