Lottery Shop


One of the more flamboyant sites we’ve seen for buying lottery tickets online has to be The Lottery Shop. Unlike most other such sites, The Lottery Shop doesn’t focus on a wide variety of different kinds of lottery games. Instead, they focus much more narrowly on the games with the biggest jackpots and the best known games.

Thirteen Games

In fact, on our recent visit to The Lottery Shop, we counted just thirteen games offered by the site, though these were all well known, large jackpot games as opposed to some of the other sites, which offer games no one has ever heard of and which have terrible odds of winning and or very low jackpots.

The Good Part of the Small Selection

The good part of having a small selection of games available at The Lottery Shop was that the site was very easy to navigate. Whereas most other sites we’ve seen require you to navigate to a specific page to find a listing of the games they offer, the Lottery Shop simply lists all of them along the left side of the screen, making it easy to find them and make your purchase.

Guaranteed to Get All of Your Winnings

Another thing that impressed us greatly about The Lottery Shop was the fact that they are very strict about ensuring that you get every penny that’s coming to you when you a buy a ticket with them. They have independent certification to guarantee that you’ll be paid the money you are owed by them whenever you win anything. Also, unlike some other online lottery sites on the web, The Lottery Shop doesn’t collect a commission on winnings. You only pay for purchasing your tickets and if you win, the money is 100% yours to keep.

Newsletter and Special Offers

Those looking for deals and or the latest lottery news, with the biggest jackpots listed would do well to consider the newsletter from The Lottery Shop. This newsletter features the best lottery games (according to their definitions – i.e. the ones with the biggest payouts) and a number of special deals which you can take advantage of to purchase tickets at a discount.

In Your Language

Finally, for those for whom English is not their native language, The Lottery Shop offers translations of their website into a number of other languages, including German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. This means that people from all over the world can purchase tickets at The Lottery Shop and not just those who happen to speak English.

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