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When it comes to winning the jackpot in the lottery, odds of winning really do matter. That’s why the UK Thunderball Lottery is so popular. It has a regular jackpot of £500,000 with truly great odds of winning the whole thing and being set for life. Here’s why we’re so excited about the UK Thunderball lottery:

Game Type

Unlike many other lotteries, such as the American Mega Millions, the chances of winning the whole thing in the UK Thunderball Lottery are actually quite good. That’s because you have to pick just five correct numbers out of 39 along with a “Thunder Ball” number, which is based on picking just one number out of 14 possible options.

Lots of Chances to Win

Now while you do need to pick the correct five numbers along with the thunder ball in order to win the grand prize, there are lots of other chances to win money from the UK Thunder ball Lottery. You could for example get just the 5 main numbers, or you could get 3,4 or 5 main numbers, two main numbers plus the Thunder ball, one main number plus the Thunder ball or even just the Thunder ball (for those keeping count, that means you have a one in 14 chance of winning – really sweet odds compared to most other lotteries)

Of course, like other lottery games, the UK Thunderball offers the chance to use a quick pick feature (called Lucky Dip in the game) in which you can simply use the UK National Lottery’s computer system to pick your winning numbers (you just collect the cash).


You must be a UK citizen to win the UK Thunderball Lottery, however, buying tickets is actually pretty easy. You can get them at authorized retailers all over the British Isle or online at their web form. You can also check on the winning numbers online, meaning that British subjects from anywhere in the world can become lucky winners of the UK Thunderball jackpot. The only restriction is that you must be at least 16 years of age in order to participate.

Odds of Winning

As previously noted, the UK Thunderball Lottery has much better odds of winning than most lotteries, with the odds of winning the big prize being just one in 8,060,000 (for comparison, the American Mega Millions lottery has odds of one in 135,000,000, meaning you have a 16 times greater chance of winning the UK Thunderball lottery than of winning the Mega Millions jackpot).

Game information
Game type 5/39 + PB 1/14
Schedule Wen 10:30 pm, Sat 08:30 pm
Jackpot type lump sum
Cash option About 50%
Taxes no taxes
Participating UK
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